The Bristol Mix was formed over 3 years ago by the 6 barbershop choruses that exist in Bristol. It provides a further outlet for great singers to express themselves in barbershop singing - mixed barbershop singing. We are blessed with having an excellent talent pool of barbershop singers in the Bristol area and this chorus demonstrates a great model for furthering collaboration across the whole spectrum of barbershop, bringing us all closer together. The Big Bristol Barbershop Bonanza show featuring all 7 Bristol barbershop choruses in November 2022 is testament to this collaboration.

Obviously when you set up a chorus like the Bristol Mix there could be challenges when you try to squeeze singers from 6 barbershop choruses into one big chorus - like mixing 6 colours and hoping that you get a beautiful rainbow and not a slushy brown mess. Our colourful members are amazing. We are so proud of what every single person in this chorus has achieved, bringing the best from their own parent chorus, being prepared to learn more under the wonderful direction of Linda and Craig.

But we now go further; we’re spreading the barbershop message because we now have singers in the chorus who sing regularly in other choirs (other genres) but who wouldn’t normally sing barbershop.

We became UK Mixed Chrous Barbershop Champions at the British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) convention in May 2022.

We are therefore extremely proud of what this chorus is all about - collaboration, enhancement, success and spreading the word. And for that reason this chorus is hugely encouraged by and supportive of the announced merger discussions between LABBS and BABS. We feel sure it will have an extremely positive impact on all of us.

We pride ourselves on having fun in an inclusive environment. Please do come and be part of TBM's history.
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